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Source: The Duck Curve Graphic: California ISO and J. Lazar.

The accelerated integration of renewable energy into the grid is creating new challenges for grid operators to balance supply and demand.

Energy storage can help to address the variable delivery intermittency of intermittent sources of energy such as wind and solar, by storing excess energy when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, and delivering it when it is needed.

ez renewable helps companies to define and drive their battery storage strategy, so they can:

  1. avoid renewable production curtailing
  2. minimize risks of overloading the grid (addressing the "duck curve" challenge)
  3. maximize both the economic and environmental benefits of renewable generation.


ez renewable is a technology-consultancy company supporting companies developing energy storage and energy generation solutions to make our world emission-free.

ez renewable provides the following services:

Energy Storage market trends analysis and technological roadmaps studies
Battery pack and battery cell strategic sourcing
Energy Storage System Product development
Project Management & Engineering process creation
Cross-functional and cross-cultural stakeholder engagement


ez renewable provides dedicated databases for each critical component of an Energy Storage System (ESS)

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Lithium-ion Gigafactory

Stakeholder Database

Lithium-ion Battery

Cell Database

Lithium-ion Battery

Module Database

Lithium-ion Energy Storage System (ESS)

Manufacturer Database

Energy Storage System:

From Purchasing to Commissioning Best Practices

Battery Management System (BMS)

Manufacturer Database

Power Conversion System (PCS)

Manufacturer Database

Lithium-ion alternatives Energy Storage System

Manufacturer Database

Solid State Batteries

Stakeholder Database


Hong Kong, China

Review European market trends and regulations on energy storage technologies

London, England

Evaluating the best lithium-ion cells options for an open-source microgrid project

Mumbai, India

Mapping current Solid State Batteries technologies and market players

Dubai, UAE

Designing the prototype project plan of a hybrid energy system combining offshore altitude wind and subsea oceanic pressure

Munich, Germany

Development of redeployable and modular Energy Storage System (ESS) for Africa

Shenzhen, China

Developing a marketing strategy to distribute lithium-ion cells in Europe

Hong Kong, China

Analyzing Energy Storage System supplier selection and quality control best practices

About me

Arthur Claire

Tired of seeing coal plants in the region polluting our air, I initiated a career realignment to fight climate change by joining Ampd Energy, a Hong Kong start-up developing Energy Storage System (ESS) for the construction industry.

Coming back to Europe to get closer to my family (I am French), I am now focusing my career to help companies to accelerate the energy transition to get rid of fossil fuels, by providing consulting services in the field of energy storage and renewable energy.

Do not hesitate to connect with me to see how I could support your companies' activities.


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